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  • About Us

  • Michael T. Soule, Founder and Engineer

  • In 1984, I was 12 years old and went with my dad to pick up our first computer, an IBM clone. I do not recall what hardware it had, but I do remember the amber screen, the big red on/off switch on the rear right side and running the MS-DOS operating system.  From then on, I had always been interested in the computer and start writing my first programs, initially in BASIC.   It was always a thrill to make the machine do what I wanted it to do.

  • At the same time, I was constructing electronic circuits and building robots in my bedroom.  Taking gadgets apart to see how they worked and seeing what I could turn them in to. Even though a lot of time they would never work again, my mom still encouraged me to follow my dream.

    From then on, I took several electronics courses and began learning the C programming language. I have written thousands of programs to do various things, some still in use today.

  • Around 1996, I began leaning embedded assembly language (which is as close to machine language as you can get). I start writing embedded applications for the PIC family of processors, beginning with the PIC16F88. Currently, I am writing applications for many different devices including ST Micro, Atmel, ARM Cortex, Microchip PIC etc (the list is too long).

  • Also, creating programs and script for the Linux Operating system and deploying LTSP (Linux Terminal Services Project). I worked for several years as an electronic engineer at a local electronics company before venturing off to start my own business in 2007. I still, to this day consult for them and have written the database application and software they currently use in their daily activities.

  • Went to a local school where I received my CompTia A plus and Network Plus certifications. After I received my certifications, I began teaching the certification program at that school. I also taught basic computer skills to under privileged kids (that was my favorite) and at the end of the class we assembled a complete computer system that they were able to take home.

  • I am currently married to my beautiful wife Lisa, together we have 4 kids and 5 total grandchildren (at this writing 😊). Lisa handles the daily record keeping for the business and assembles the printed circuit boards and soldering for our customers.