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  • Business Maintenance Plans

  • Soule Solutions offers Preventative Maintenance packages that will keep your computers healthy, protected, up-to-date and most importantly – Up and Running! 

    We offer a cost-effective solution to smaller-sized companies and individuals.  Our Preventative Maintenance packages reduce the cost that you would spend if you wait for problems to develop. 

    We liken this service to a 3000-mile oil change for your car.  When you take your car in for a routine “tune-up”, your car runs better, lasts longer and you have fewer problems in the long run.  By investing in a routine Preventative Maintenance package, you can be sure to see the same results for your computers.




    Business Work Station Plus

    Business Work Station

    Preventive Maintenance Cleaning

    Twice a year

    On Site

    Twice a year

    On Site

    Twice a year

    On Site

    Soule Solutions Support Suite

    AVG Cloud Care Business Class Anti-Virus

    Free Phone Support (Regular business Hours, except Server 24 hours day)

    Free Remote Support (Regular business Hours, except Server 24 hours/day)

    4 Hours/Mo

    2 Hour/Mo

    1 Hour/Mo

    Network/Wireless Security Audit


    Data Backup (3-2-1 Model)


    • Managed Unlimited Cloud Backup


    • Internal Backup*

    • Backup testing

    Free Virus Removal (up to 3 times per year)

    Free Loaner Laptop

    Website Online and Healthy


    Internet Connection Online (Must have a static IP)


    Employee Discount Card**


    Future Labor Discount








    *Internal backup requires a NAS Drive, dedicated computer or external hard drive to receive backups.

    ** One card for each machine on the plan, good for use by any employee for 20% off labor for their own personal machine