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  • Soule Solutions has partnered with ScanCircle to provide you the The fastest computer diagnosis ScanCircle automatically checks your computer for the most common problems. It is free, fast and easy to use, anonymous and safe.

  • Perform a scan on your own computer or first try the sample scan to see what kind of data is retrieved and what sort of advices are given.

    Check how your computer is doing by taking our free online scan


  • Step-by-step instructions for Google Chrome

    1. Only the first time, a warning appears in the left bottom corner saying that this type of file may harm your computer: *click 'Save'*.
    2. The file is downloaded: click on the file in the left bottom corner.
    3. Then you are asked to confirm that you want to run this file: click 'Run'.
    4. Next, the scan program is started and the scan is automatically started, the results are uploaded and the advices are shown.