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  • We paretnered with our friendsa at Clifton Labs to create a USB interface relay board for a local Grinder company.

    From the Clifton Labs Website:

    We were approached with a fantastic opportunity to work with a local company to help build a software system that would replace their 30+ year old hand built industrial grinder control system. After visiting their shop and analyzing the systems involved, it became apparent that we would need a custom electronic interface to engage with the industrial grinder servo control circuits. We worked with our local hardware engineering partner, Soule Solutions, to come up with fully custom relay board that not only fit our needs perfectly, but it also more affordable than comparable off-the-shelf components. We also worked with Soule Solutions to create an easy to use protocol over USB that allows for payload checksum verification and individual relay control. The relay board is expandable for future uses, and also includes analog-to-digital input to account for possible grinder systems that may have advanced monitoring capabilities. The board is designed & supported locally.