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  • Maintenance Plans

  • Soule Solutions offers Preventative Maintenance packages that will keep your computers healthy, protected, up-to-date and most importantly – Up and Running! 

    We offer a cost-effective solution to smaller-sized companies and individuals.  Our Preventative Maintenance packages reduce the cost that you would spend if you wait for problems to develop. 

    We liken this service to a 3000-mile oil change for your car.  When you take your car in for a routine “tune-up”, your car runs better, lasts longer and you have fewer problems in the long run.  By investing in a routine Preventative Maintenance package, you can be sure to see the same results for your computers.

    Preventive maintenance cleaning includes the following:

    • Dirt and dust cleaning
    • Hard Drive testing
    • RAM testing
    • Remove Windows Temporary/Junk Files
    • Remove Unnecessary Programs from Windows Startup
    • Remove Unwanted/Unneeded Software Programs
    • Check and Remove Spyware/Malware
    • Verify/Install Windows Critical Updates
    • Verify/Install 3rd Party Software Updates
    • Verify and Clean Windows Registry
    • Clear Internet Browsing History, Cookies, Cache
    • Remove Unneeded add-ons and toolbars from Internet Browser
    • internet speed test

    Soule Solutions Support Suite (Included with all plans) detects problems with:

    • Processor temperature and fan speed
    • graphics card temperature and fan speed
    • motherboard temperature and fan speed
    • Windows User Account Control (UAC) is activated
    • Internet security settings are secure
    • Anti-Virus is active and up to date
    • Windows automatic updates are enabled
    • Firewall is active and up to date
    • Spyware and Malware protection is active and up to date
    • hard drive capacity, temperature and S.M.A.R.T. Data
    • unwanted software installed
    • important software uninstalled